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The DF-760E Nano Trace moisture analyzer is a combination Coulometric & Tuneable Laser
Diode sensor based analyzer, designed to measure trace oxygen and moisture as a contaminant in Ultra High Purity electronic grade gas for quality control.

clip_image006[10]Highly stable tuneable laser diode sensor for moisture measurement
clip_image011[4]Non-depleting sensor with 5 year sensor warranty for oxygen measurements
clip_image006[11]Minimal maintenance
clip_image006[12]Suitable for multiple background gases with a single unit

clip_image001[12]Integrated Circuit Board Fabs
clip_image002[8]Leak detection

Gas Type:
Coulometric non depleting electrochemical sensor
Tuneable  Laser Diode
Maximum operating ranges:
Smallest recommended output range:
Intrinsic error (accuracy):
+/- 3% of reading or +/- 0.1ppb (whichever  is greater)
+/- 3% of reading or +/- 0.2ppb (whichever  is greater)
Response time (T90):
<15 seconds
<3 minutes at 1 liter/min
Zero drift/month:
Span drift/month:
Lower detection Limit (LDL):
Upset recovery time:
<5 minutes to return to within 10ppb of previous stable reading
<5 minutes to return to within 10ppb of previous stable reading
Isolated 4-20mA dc, for both moisture and oxygen, 0-1, 0-2, 0-5, or 0-10 VDC for both moisture and oxygen
(analog output can be configured to freeze during calibration)
Output range:
Scaleable to any range between 0-2ppb to 0-20ppm
Audible/visual alarms:
4 oxygen levels, 4 moisture levels, temperature, electrolyte condition, moisture sensor diagnostic, loss of flow, zero verification, or calibration in process, moisture analyzer off-line, oxygen analog output freeze control during calibration
Dual scale range:
Two user selectable secondary analog output ranges for rescaling the output once the primary range is exceeded
Relay contacts:
4 non-latching, independently assignable to oxygen alarms or oxygen calibration-in-process indicator, and
4 non-latching, independently assignable to moisture alarms.  SPDT contacts rated for 5 amps at 30V dc.
Up to 4 non-latching, independently assignable to alarms or indicators. SPDT contacts rated for 1amp at 30V dc.
Serial communications:
Factory configured RS232 or RS 485 two-way serial communications
Gas scale factor:
Background gas compensation for gases other than N2
Gas delivery system:
Pneumatically actuated springless diaphragm valves, orbital butt welded assembly with zero dead volume for sensor isolation and zero verification. High capacity purifier provides moisture and oxygen-free zero (not compatible on oxygen samples). Heated and temperature controlled sample delivery system. Integral pressure regulator with minimal wetted area. Bypass loop with flow control. 14 VCR inlet fittings, 14 compression bypass outlet fitting, 14 compression outlet fitting to vacuum source, 18 compression fitting for pneumatic gas inlet
Aspirator vacuum source:
Aspirator with ¼ compression inlet and outlet fittings
19 rack mount NEMA 1 enclosure
Pump vacuum source:
Pump with ¼ compression inlet and outlet fittings
Hydrogen safety system purge:
Optional safety system for use with hydrogen includes Sample Delivery Interlock and Case Purge Valves for instrument housing, NEMA 4 enclosure and Z purge protection system for optional external vacuum pump. Hydrogen safety system can be ordered with or without the NEMA 4 enclosure and Z purge protection system for the optional vacuum pump (NOTE: hydrogen safety system limits available relays from 4 to 3)
50°F to 176°F (10°C to 80°C ) Recommended heated sample line to 140°F (60°C)
F (5°C) below minimum ambient
Oil free, non-corrosive, non-condensing
Filtered to 2µm
Vent pressure:
Vent to atmosphere.
Sample flow:
2 to 5 l/min (For nitrogen only ) - contact Servomex for other background gases
Bypass flow:
0.25 to 2.5l/min
Sample pressure:
30 to 150psig (3.08 to 11.3 BarA)
NOTE: Sample to be free of acidic components.
For samples containing acidic components contact Servomex for sample preconditioning options.

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