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The DF-150E is a Coulometric sensor based analogue oxygen analyser designed to measure trace oxygen in pure gases for process and quality control in heat treatment applications, glove boxes, and industrial gas plants. The DF-150E can also be configured to measure percent level for other process control and laboratory applications.


ü Surface mount and reflow

ü pcb furnaces

ü Annealing furnaces

ü Glove boxes

ü Nitrogen production

ü Argon production

ü Hydrogen production

ü Gas bottling


Every DF-150E is custom configured under ISO-9001 controls to your precise specifications and calibrated to standards traceable to NIST and operated for several days to ensure flawless performance. The ultra-stable E-Sensor can operate for years without re-calibration giving you a long and useful life.

Ø    Maximum configuration flexibility – build it the way you need it

Ø    Superior performance out-of-the-box

Ø    Accurate - ±3% of reading or 0.5% of measurement range

Ø    Instantaneous response to oxygen change

Ø Fast response – typically less than 10 seconds to read 90% of a step change